Very excited that our production of The Red Shoes has been nominated in two categories. Alante’s, we’ll see you at the Comedy Club to celebrate our recognition for our hard work

Short Work
“Home,” Dance Repertory Theatre
“The Red Shoes,” A’lante Flamenco Dance Ensemble
“Requiem for a Rose,” Ballet Austin
“Somebody Else,” Ellen Bartel
“Two to One,” Tapestry Dance Company
“The Uncommitted,” Dance Repertory Theatre

Olivia Chacon, “The Red Shoes”
Chris Hannon, Aphrodite Dances: Romeo Drive
Rebecca Johnson, “Requiem for a Rose”
Travis Knights, “Time”
Grace Morton, BAII@AVST
Matthew Shields, “Time”
Michelle Thompson, “The Rite of Spring”
Nicole Whiteside, “Heaven-Earth-One”
Jamie Lynn Witts, “The Taming of the Shrew”

2012-2013 Austin Critics’ Table Awards nominations