Bringing Spanish flamenco music and dance to Texas audiences of all ages.

Flamenco Performance &  Education


A’lante Flamenco offers several different performance programs suited to all different venues and audiences. From schools to intimate clubs to large halls, A’lante Flamenco brings the passion!


Performers from the company can teach flamenco basics (music and dance, including singing, rhythm, guitar or cajon/percussion) to any age group in a fun, dynamic interaction. Bilingual discussion of the traditions and history of flamenco bring Hispanic heritage into focus. 


A’lante Flamenco loves collaborating with students, artists, filmmakers, and educators to create new works. Past collaborators include Texas Early Music Project, PBS’ Arts in Context, McCallum Arts Academy, and numerous individual musicians and dancers.


Hispanic Heritage

Our programs can be customized for specific venues, events or audiences, including dance/music workshops, mini-performances, and lecture-demonstrations in Spanish or English, including discussion of history and cultural influences of flamenco.

A’lante Flamenco is highly adaptable, and has few, if any, limitations to touring. Extended residencies are generally not available due to other professional obligations. We can work with presenters to make sure that our technical needs are met in any scenario.

Tradition & Innovation

Thundering footwork, chattering castanets, soaring vocals and blazing guitars–A’lante Flamenco takes hold of an audience and won’t let go! The company, directed by Olivia Chacon, features five dancers and four musicians who fill the stage with energy, enthralling audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and presenting flamenco to Texas audiences in fresh and creative ways. Flamenco is a music and dance form hailing from Southern Spain, with Roma (Gypsy), Arabic, Jewish, and Latin American influences. A’lante Flamenco has been hailed by audiences and critics for their dynamic and contemporary approach to flamenco, uniting tradition and innovation. 

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