Wow, great write-up from the San Antonio Express News’ Jasmina Wellinghoff in advance of A’lante’s upcoming shows next January 10 & 11, 2015!

“Kahlil Gibran’s book “The Prophet” has been a source of inspiration for countless readers since it was published in 1923. A collection of prose poems, the work offers philosophical, quasi-religious ruminations about various aspects of life.

Last year, “The Prophet” also inspired Austin-based dancer and choreographer Olivia Chacon and her A’lante Flamenco Dance Ensemble to create “Prophecies,” an original dance show that “re-imagines” several of Gibran’s poetic meditations.

“I read ‘The Prophet’ in college and so did many other people,” said Chacon, who is the company’s artistic director. “It seemed like almost every house had a copy. I had this idea years ago. When I reread it, the imagery appealed to me as something that would be great translated into flamenco. It’s strong, colorful imagery, associated with timeless emotions, which is also true of flamenco.”

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