-September 21-24 (Tuesday-Friday) – Load in, sound system install and tune,  – 4 hours

-September 23, Thursday 7-11pm Tech Rehearsal , more sound check and monitors  – 4 hours

-September 24, Friday 7-11pm Dress Rehearsal , Final sound check  – 4 hours

-September 25 1st show 8-10pm – call 7-11pm – Sound check, Run show, tarp equipment and prepare for next day. 4 hours

-September 26 1st show 8-10pm – call 7-11pm – Sound check, Run show, strike or store equipment for Monday strike 4 hours

-September 27 strike 2 hours


– It is an outdoor venue and we need to bag and or tarp equipment once we set it up in case of rain

– After each work day we need to prepare equipment for fence to go up.

– Setup during day time can be extremely hot and need to prepare for that.


-1 Female vocal, Celia

-1 Male vocal, Alex Ruiz

– 2 vocalist/guitarist, Isai and Jose

– 3 flamenco guitar, Isai, Jose and Gustavo

– 3 cajones Tony, Sofia and Isai

-1 snare cajon , Tony

– 4 PZM mics for footwork amp 

– 2 palmas/utility mics

Performers Musicians

Celia Vocals

Alex Ruiz Vocal

Jose Guitar/ Vocal

Isai guitar/vocal/cajon

Gustavo Guitar

Tony Cajon

Karen Vilchez Palmas y Jaleos