Tentative Form

-Padrino Theme – Alex and Oliver

  • Godfather Waltz sheet music
  • Godfather Love theme I was thinking this vibe

  • Guitar, perc and the rest come in on the last A with tientos tempo

– Tientos Falseta 1/ footwork/ ending

-1st Tientos letra / short style

-Falseta 2 for tientos/ escobilla/ending

-2nd tientos letra (Rejas de bronze) directly into

-El Padrino Theme LELIADO as estribillo with all musicians (Last A)

– Padrino theme FALSETA version end in Tangos

-PALO SECO -end in Tangos

– Tangos- Maniana los van aprender mañana

– Padrino theme Music LELIADO (Last A section, tagging last 4 bars 3 times stop time on beat 1 of 2 bar of of last TAG)