Love Letters from a Flamenco Heart

There are as many different interpretations of flamenco as there are ways of loving in the world. We can sing and dance passionately, with great suffering, or quietly, with longing and nostalgia. We can play the guitar slowly, savoring every note, or thump it mercilessly in a rhythmic explosion. We can hear the beat of the hands and feet as an unrelenting, headlong sprint in pursuit of….what? Life? Death? Or get lost in the exquisite silences between notes that seem to expand to encompass a whole landscape: the place where, as the poet Rumi says, “lover, loving, and beloved are one.”

“Love Letters from a Flamenco Heart” is not only a love letter to flamenco, but also an exploration of the different ways of loving. Always intensely personal, and never the same experience twice.

Alante Flamenco is part of the Artist Access Program, through the City of Austin’s Parks and Department, Division of Museums and Cultural Programs, and the Dougherty Arts Center. This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

A’lante Flamenco Cast:

Music Director, Guitar/Vocals: Isai Chacon

Vocals: Celia Corrales Sellers

Percussion: Anthony Hampton

Guitar: Jose Manuel Tejeda

Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer: Olivia Chacon

Dancer: Sofia Hurtado

Dancer: Claire Spera

Lighting Design: Jonathan Sikora


Love Letter to Flamenco (por Málaga)

Malagueñas, Verdiales, and Rondeña

Suspicious Minds (Jealous Love)

Tangos de Morente, Tientos, and Tangos de Granada
Soloist: Sofia Hurtado

Alone Together (Solos en Compañia)

Isai Chacon and Jose Manuel Tejeda

Love Lost (And Then Regained, But Now It’s Different)

Petenera Two Ways
Soloist: Claire Spera

Latin Lovers

A’lante Flamenco Musicians

With a Little Help From My Friends (Agape Love)

Performed by The Company

Lo Bueno y Lo Malo (Through Good and Bad)

I Heart Flamenco: Love Letter to Flamenco Part 2 (por Cádiz)

Soloist: Olivia Chacon

Thank you to all our volunteers, supporters, friends, and family-we couldn’t do this without you! And special thanks to the Dougherty Artist Access Program, the City of Austin, and the Texas Commission on the Arts.