Flamenco *Arabe* Under the Stars

Zilker Hillside Theater, Austin, TX September 22 & 23, 2023

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Featuring A’lante Flamenco

and Special Guests:

  • Sari Andoni (oud)
  • Roberto Riggio (violin)
  • Shams:
  • Reema Barakat (darbouka/riq)
  • Dimitris Gkoulimaris (bouzouki, oud)
  • Fehérló Gortva – violin
  • Danny Kodeih – oud
  • Ramdas – G/Bb Clarinets & Alto Saxophone

 Lo Bueno y lo Malo (The Good and the Bad)

Composed by Ray Heredia.

Cai Se Bebe el Sol (Cadiz Drinks the Sun)

This traditional cantiñas song style is from the region of Cadiz, danced by Olivia Chacon with Sofia Hurtado and Claire Spera.

Al Vaiven de Mi Carreta (As My Cart Comes and Goes…)

A Latin jam featuring a Cuban classic by Nico Saquito, done por bulerias.

Me Acuerdo de Ti Mas Veces… (I think of you more often than…)

Danced by Olivia Chacon, Sofia Hurtado, and Claire Spera to A’lante’s version of Planeta Jondo’s “Petenerus.”

Malagueña, Verdiales and Abandolao

A trio of styles from Malaga. Danced by Olivia Chacón, Sofia Hurtado, and Claire Spera. 

Intermission: 10 Minutes

Luna Azul/Talaa Min Beit Abou Ha

An original piece developed just for this show by all the artists! Based on a traditional flamenco Guajira, with some surprises!
Sing Along!

Talaa min beit abou ha

Reyha al beit al jeeran

Fat ma salam aalyha

Yim kin il helu zaalan

Laylat Hob

After Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum’s version of Mohammed Abdel-Wahab’s composition.

De Cal y Canto y Arena (Of Lime, Song and Sand)

Original composition by all the performers made just for this performance! Including Arabic melodies and flamenco Tientos and Marianas.


Original choreography with Manton de Manila to music by Renaud Garcia Fons, Arrangement by Roberto Riggio, Dimitris Gkoulimaris, and A’lante Flamenco.

El Porompompero

Flamenco and Arab Rumba. Sing Along!


Artistic Director: Olivia Chacón

Music Director: Isaí Chacón

Lighting Design: Patrick Anthony

Sound Design: Isai Chacon

Stage Manager/Lighting Operator: Jesse Walser Castro

Isai Chacón: Musical Director, arranger, singer and guitarist

Olivia Chacón: Artistic Director, choreographer, and dancer

Cristina de Llano Porsche: Dancer

Tony Hampton: Percussionist

Sofia Hurtado: Dancer

Celia Corrales Sellers: Singer

Claire Spera: Dancer

Jose Manuel Tejeda: Guitarist

Justi Trauernicht: Dancer