A’lante Flamenco

A fuego lento

Tablao Series

In the tablao, fingers strum guitars, hands clap byzantine rhythms, heads bend, listening intently to the gravelly voice of a lone singer. The woman next to you suddenly rises from her seat, her face transfixed in a mask of concentration, fingers snapping a morse code intelligible to everyone but you. She raises her arms, relishing the slow burn before exploding into a barrage of stamping feet, whipping turns and circling arms. The night has just begun.

A’lante Flamenco presents “A Fuego Lento” at Flamencura, August 23 & 24 2019. Two magical evenings of flamenco music and dance. Tickets: $18. BYOB or complimentary sangria.


“A Fuego Lento” takes place at Flamencura Music and Dance Studio, 7113 Burnet Rd., Suite 111.  Enter into the parking lot at the Local Post Pub and continue to the back of the shopping center. Flamencura will be on your right at Suite 111. 

Flamencura Studio