Video Samples by A’lante Flamenco

All choreography by Olivia Chacon, Music arrangement by Isai Chacon, Video by J. Chacon

Selections from “Prophecies,” 2014

“Gelem, Gelem,” from A’lante Flamenco’s “Desplazados,” 2015

Teaser Video for “Desplazados” by A’lante Flamenco, 2015.

Video from “RGBA” a music/dance/digital media collaboration between A’lante FLamenco and VJ 4th Wall Chris Jackson for the PROTOS Festival, 2013. Using live music and dance, digital sound loops, and choreography using real-time Kinect motion capture dancers.

Clips from “The Red Shoes: A Flamenco Fairytale,” by A’lante Flamenco, 2012.